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Citrix InfoCenter  v.1.0

This application allows you to view basic, but critical information about your Presentation Server. Citrix InfoCenter is based on the same concept as the very popular "BGInfo" from SysternalsTM. We are big fans of this product so we decided to build

Profile Manager for Citrix PNAgent  v.1.0

Profile Manager for Citrix PNAgent 1.0 is specially designed to offer you a central point of management for multiple usernames and multiple Presentation Server

PXES  v.b.2.6

PXES is a Linux micro distribution that will convert (or recycle) in minutes any compliant hardware into a versatile thin client capable of accessing any Unix/Linux XDMCP server, Microsoft Terminal Server through RDP protocol, Citrix ICA server or (XML Driven Control for ASP.NET)  v.1.0

Tiny and trivial ASP.NET framework that intended for dynamic web content generation through the xml pipelining like apache cocoon and orbeon presentation server using model-view-controller and finite-state-machine design patterns.

Skipper 2D Game Library  v.1.0

A 2D Game Engine Library for Laszlo Presentation Server. Classes and utility functions to assist game developers using .lzx language.

Laszlo forum  v.1.0

The laszlo forum project aims to bring to the community a fully open-sourced and internationalized forum/bb software based on the open-source RIA engine of the laszlo presentation server, with a heavy empasis on multimedia and overall functionality.

KSSWare Presentation Manager Lite  v.1.1.2

KSSWare Presentation Manager Lite 1.1.2 is such a convenient and powerful tool for those who dealt with organization of conferences or presentations probably know, how important it is to ensure the smooth and reliable operation of demonstration

Guru Meditation Screen Saver  v.1.0.3726.24536

A screen saver showing the Guru Meditation screen from the Commodore

MD5 Calculator  v.

The MD5 Calculator is a program that will enable you to right click any file and select "MD5 Calculator" from the context menu. This will calculate the MD5 value of the selected file. You can compare the calculated value to a value given to you by

MaplePDF  v.5.0

MaplePDF is the free version of commercial PDF creation software MaplePDF Pro. MaplePDF has all the most frequently used functionalities of Adobe Acrobat, as far as PDF creation and conversion is concerned. MaplePDF installs itself as a virtual

Hide Server Drives  v.1.0

This tool enables the Terminal Services (TSE) or Citrix administrator to hide the server disk drives when users open a remote session. Hide Server Drives program does more than just hiding the TS server drives! It also hides all of the root folders

Blueboard Meeting Server  v.1.51

Blueboard Meeting Server 1.51 is created to be a handy and useful Web-based tool to help with handling meeting and presentation. It offers audio conferencing, video conferencing, document presentation and desktop sharing functionalities. It is an

Citrix InfoCenter Mobile  v.1.0

By This is the mobile version of our regular InfoCenter tool designed to be used with your Windows Mobile Device. With Citrix InfoCenter Mobile you can quickly find: - Farm Name - Total Presentation Servers - Total Number of Zones - Active Sessions

Extentrix Citrix Published Application Widget  v.1

Extentrix Citrix Published Application Widget 1 offers the Citrix users the ability to connect to a Citrix server farm and launch published applications directly from the widget.Requirements: Windows 2000/XP, Yahoo Widgets

PA Server Monitor Free  v.

PA Server Monitor is a powerful, yet simple to use software solution to monitor your servers and network hardware. PA Server Monitor will closely monitor your systems and notify you of failures or performance problems and run actions you define to

TMS - The Mapping Server  v.1.0

TMS - The Map Server is a web map server that uses the U.S. Census Bureau's Landview data files. It provides coast to coast mapping with images generated on the fly. Web users have significant control over the presentation.

Citrix Terminal Sever for Linux  v.1.0

CitrixTS4Linux is a GUI remote access server application written in C and C++ to allow access to RPM-based Linux terminal servers via the free Citrix ICA client.

Abyss Web Server  v.X1

Abyss Web Server X1 is a free and small personal web server. It supports HTTP/1.1, CGI scripts, Server Side Includes (SSI), access control, custom error pages, and features an intuitive remote web management interface.

CustomChat Server  v.1.5

The CustomChat Server is for novices and advanced programmers. Use the Room Creator to design and create a totally customized conference area with multiple chat rooms. It requires only a browser for an Administrator to manage chat rooms.

Fastream NETFile FTP/Web Server  v.8.2.7

Secure, ultra-fast FTP server and robust multi-threaded Web server for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista, featuring XML-based GUI remote 2-level administration scheme, separate upload/download speed limits, storage quotas, dynamic DNS, and compression.

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